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Children in Reception experience free flow throughout our vast and exciting space whilst mixing with their friends throughout each of the sessions. Our Reception accommodates the space and facilities for a cohort of 60 children who are each assigned one of two qualified teachers along with additional support staff. Children will work with all adults within the provision and will experience all areas of the environment on a daily basis.

On entry to Reception the children will be given the opportunity to get to know all members of the team and all of the children in their cohort whilst the adults observe how the children settle into the environment. Adults acknowledge that the children quickly develop relationships with their peers and adults whilst settling into their new routine and this is used to support the class groupings.

Children will work on a range of exciting and stimulating activities both indoors and outdoors to support their learning needs. Each activity will have crucial learning underpinned whilst children engage in their learning through play. Your child’s learning will take place in the Reception environment through both independent learning (where the children choose their own activities to engage in) and adult focused activities (which they will complete with one of the adults alongside whole class teaching experiences).