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Our Ethos

The Marie Weller Way

At Marie Weller we aim for academic, artistic and athletic excellence in a purposeful, lively, exciting and stimulating setting where expectations, broad and challenging curriculum, excellent facilities, wide range of activities, and talented, dedicated and caring staff, we aim to ensure that every child has the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitude which will enhance their education in a pluralist society. In addition, we ensure they have an experience of school which is memorable; memorable because they laughed a lot as they learned within a happy, caring, safe and well ordered environment in which every child matters.

Our Principles

The three principles of Marie Weller Primary School are:

  • Quality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Partnership

These principles will guide Marie Weller Primary School in providing an education of the highest quality.

These principles demand that we think and act in highly constructive ways towards each other as colleagues, towards the children who are placed in our care and towards the parents and the community.


Quality in relationships
All who are involved with Marie Weller are valued and each must be shown care, respect and trust. Then the ‘family’ atmosphere and the fostering of the principles we seek will be realised.

Quality in our achievements
We desire that all children should achieve a personal best, in some way, each day. We work towards our children achieving their full potential, developing an independence of thought and mind, maturing in all aspects of character and having an enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Marie Weller Primary School is to be recognised as a centre of excellent practice and a vehicle through which such practice can be promoted within a wider field of education.

Quality in communication
Marie Weller Primary School aims to achieve success by promoting its policies, explaining its philosophy and curriculum provision and creating understanding of its ways of working.

Effective communication needs to take place within the school and an opportunity given to parents to express their views and concerns.

Quality in our school environment
The children will benefit from buildings and grounds which provide a happy, secure, stimulating and well-ordered environment.

Effective use will be made of all facilities, resourcing will be the best available and appropriate to the needs of the children and staff.


Enthusiasm for what we do
As teachers, we are privileged to work with young people and to play a part in developing their character, supporting their interests, channelling their enthusiasm and overseeing their progress intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Our pupils need to be aware of the essential role that education plays in their future and it is vital that we develop enthusiastic learners.

Through having a pride in our work and a desire to succeed, school life will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Both pupil and teacher endeavour to make work challenging, relevant and interesting so that the high standard already achieved will be maintained.


Partnership with colleagues
We seek to respect and value the contribution each member of staff, working within a team, brings to the school.

Partnership with parents
We are partners in the education of the children and the school recognises that it is its duty to foster and build upon the existing, strong, working relationship with its parents.

Each partner needs to support and encourage the other for, like the children, we all respond well to praise and less well to criticism.

Partnership with the community
Marie Weller Primary School is but a small part of the wider community and it wishes to play its part in supporting other groups and organisations within the area and activities in the town. We view the wider community as a valuable resource.

With the children, we will develop a pride in their local community and heritage, knowledge of the functioning of that community and the unique role that they have to play in changing it for the better.