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Developing Skills for Life

We truly believe swimming is not only a first-class form of exercise, but it is also a vital life skill and that is why we ensure that children  have the opportunity to swim during their primary school career.

Teaching Survival and Self-Rescue Skills

For all children throughout Key Stage 2, the children's swimming lessons will be enhanced with alternative water and lifesaving skills to ensure that everybody, whatever their ability, continue to develop and progress in the pool.  Children will learn the principles of personal survival and self-rescue and put this knowledge into practice by confidently swimming the survival strokes, tread water for a length of time, and maintain floating and 'HELP' positions.

Other skills are used in comprehensive water activities.  These include being able to demonstrate the following rescues: Shout & Signal, Reach and Throw rescues using ropes and a variety of floating objects.

Throughout all swimming lessons, whatever their ability the children learn and apply the SAFE code.