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Religious Education

Our Religious Education scheme of work is based upon the local agreed syllabus and is taught in block units for greater depth of learning.

We aim to help the children to develop a responsible attitude towards other people, to foster their sense of wonder at, and reverence for, life.

We also aim for the children to have an understanding of Christianity and other religions and cultures.

Marie Weller is a non-denominational school.

‘Collective Worship’ at Marie Weller is conducted as an opportunity for collective reflection and is of a broadly Christian character, since it reflects the broad traditions of Christian belief, without being distinctive of any Christian denomination.

Moral themes (such as honesty, empathy, tolerance, justice, community, selflessness, leadership, etc.) form the basis of our ‘Collective Worship’ which are common among other religious beliefs.

At Marie Weller we place a great emphasis on learning about and learning from religions. Our RE teaching is inclusive, encouraging all children to ask questions and explore the beliefs and traditions of others.